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Kevin Over Interview

Kevin Over was born in the heart of the Ruhr Area (Germany) in 1991. The young prodigy first jumped on the turntables at the age of 14 and has spent the next decade honing his craft as a producer and DJ. Kevin releases on labels such as, Mobilee Records / Truesoul / Noir Music & Underground Audio

Firstly congratulations on your latest EP on Underground Audio we love it. We have some questions for you that we would like to share with our DJ’s. 

Click for link to the Underground Audio EP

What came first, DJing or Production?

It was nearly both at the same time, but I think my first beat matching attempt was before setting up a bassdrum loop in my DAW, which was Propellerhead’s Reason 2.5 at this time.

What was your first DJ setup and how old where you when you started?

At the age of 14 I got myself two turntables by Jaytec and a battle mixer by McCrypt. Hell knows if these are still on the market, but one Jaytec turntable is still part of my set up and sometimes I get back on the battle mixer, as it’s an interesting and challenging way to mix without EQ-Section.

How much prep do you do for a DJ set? Does it vary between club and festival sets?

Every gig is a preparation for the next gig. It’s all about making different experiences, seeing different crowds and atmospheres and saving a massive selection of music in your brain to suffer from.

3 Essential pieces of production hardware/software you couldn’t do without?

Actually Analog Heat by Elektron is doing great things to me.

Beside to that its Maschine by Native Instruments and the whole Volca Serie by Korg.

What was your biggest inspiration when you started and what is your biggest inspiration now?

When I started everything that crossed my mind was a big inspiration:

breakbeats, electronica, house, techno, drum n bass and of course music videos. Now it would say focussing on the golden age of each genre is a big inspiration. When you look back at 90s House and Hip Hop it is stunning to see what was made out of a total limitation of gear to use.

If you could give 1 essential tip to our students at MakeMeADJ, what would it be?

Try to find your flow between music and life. Music is always a mirror of your life situation and your feelings. Feel free to do what fits best to your mood.

For sure it will change during the time, but that’s what makes it interesting to keep on.


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