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Music Production Courses

The role of the producer is an essential one, whatever genre of music you favour. High production values can elevate any track, truly making it a work of art. Learning the skills to become a good producer is not easy – it involves a lot of technical knowledge combined with musical theory and practical application.

Fortunately for our students, the team at Make Me A DJ are there to guide you through the process. With decades of relevant industry experience under their collective belts and a background in tutoring, our teaching staff are well-equipped to help you achieve your music production goals.

Our Courses

Your music – your course

Every student who walks through our doors has their own vision of where they’re headed in their production career. Knowing where you want to be and knowing how to get there, however, are often two very different things.

Before you commit to a course, our tutors will sit down with you and discuss what you hope to get out of it. We will walk you through the teaching process and come up with some milestones to hit en route to your final goal. It doesn’t matter where your passion lies in terms of style or genre. Whether you favour dubstep or death metal, our tutors’ goal is to have you create amazing music that you’re passionate about.

Every level of student

Whatever your knowledge of music production might be, we can put together the perfect course for you. You may already have some skills that you’re hoping to hone for a future career in the industry, we will create a hand-tailored production course pitched at your level.

1-to-1 tuition

The reason we can accommodate students of every level and help them produce music for any genre, is because we teach on an individual basis. All of our production courses are conducted one-on-one – just you and your tutor. This means you get your tutor’s full attention for the duration of each lesson.

In-house tuition and distance learning

A Make Me A DJ, we love to meet our students face-to-face. You get a chance to check out our studios and use our state-of-the-art equipment as part of your learning journey. However, we understand some people aren’t able to make it to our Manchester base, but still want to benefit from our first-rate music production courses. To that end, we also teach production lessons over Zoom, allowing you to develop your skills via distance learning.

Industry-standard software

If you want to be a professional music producer, then you need to be familiar with the main production software used across the music industry. There are three main software packages that form the cornerstone of professional music production – namely, Logic, Ableton, and Cubase. A Make Me A DJ, our tutors have the skills and experience to teach all three.

Our Studios

At Make Me A DJ

We have two studios dedicated to our production tuition courses.

Studio 1 – Our Artnovion studio is the ideal place to learn the ropes of music production. It’s perfect for everyone from the absolute novice to someone ready to finish a track.

Our flagship studio is the Jersey Street Studio, situated upstairs in our building. This studio is the only one of its kind. Lessons are targeted toward more advanced students looking to take their skills to the next stage, mixing and producing to a major label level.

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