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Studio Hire in Manchester

At Make Me A DJ, we’re committed to seeing new and exciting music spring to life. In our courses, we equip our students – be they aspiring DJs or producers – with the skills they need to do just that.

With the state-of-the-art production and recording equipment at our disposal, it would be churlish of us not to make that available to people of Manchester. Our professional music studio is available for any musicians who want to lay down a track using industry-standard equipment.

What Make Me A DJ can do for you

As one of the top DJ and music production schools in the country, we have much to offer our customers in terms of professional studio hire.

Professional standard recording studio

We understand that your music is only as good as the equipment it is recorded on. That is why we ensure our main studio is fully-equipped with some of the best production devices on the market.

Whatever style of music you create, you will find the tools you need to achieve the perfect sound in our studio.

Practice rooms

Not everybody is ready to record a track at our studio. Some people just need a properly-equipped room to practise their latest creation. In addition to our full studio, we also offer practice rooms for those who are working through their new track prior to recording. Not as lavish as our main studio, they nevertheless offer an unrivalled opportunity to hone your sound.

Customisable equipment

At Make Me A DJ, we understand that every artist is different – it’s part of what makes our job so enjoyable. With that in mind, all of the equipment in our professional studio can be customised to meet your specific needs.

Studio Services and Hire

DJ Practice Studio

Available for hire during the week

£25 per hour

Production Practice Studio

Available for hire during the week

£40 per hour

Mixing & Engineering

Run by Mark Bradbury, in our amazing Jersey Street Studios offering mixdown and engineering services.

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